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WIC Weekly Christmas Day and December 27th 2020

Warsaw International Church

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Our news

Last Sunday we were again pleased to welcome David Harris from the UK, as well as his parents Liz and Stan. As our guest preacher, Brother David delivered an uplifting message, while guitar music was provided by Sister Marilyn and prayers of intercession by Anna, our Sister in Turkey.

After the service, during our virtual "coffee hour", Sister Boriana gave us a wonderful praise report of how her grandmother in Bulgaria, who had been very poorly after catching the coronavirus, was remarkably healed by prayer. Boriana strongly felt that the Lord would heal her grandmother in response to her prayer, and that is what happened in a very quick time. Jesus said: "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11,24).

Our next service will be on CHRISTMAS DAY at 11 am CET. We would love you to join us on that special day. Please bring a candle with you to light during the service (and if necessary a holder or saucer to stop it falling over!). Our Sunday School children will also be performing a song for the occasion!

After that, I invite you to join us for worship on Sunday 27 December at 11 am CET for our regular Sunday service.

Here is your link for the service this coming Sunday on Zoom at 11 am CET
Meeting ID: 818 1714 5932

Recordings of our Sunday services are available on our website or by googling "Warsaw International Church YouTube".

Message from our Treasurer, Piotr Dypczyński:

“Dear Friends, each year, during our Autumn Stewardship campaign, we invite our members and regular worshippers to make a commitment of their time and financial resources to enable WIC to do God’s work. Both these contributions are important. Self-supporting Churches, such as ours, are possible because friends and members voluntarily help and pay the bills. Some volunteers help with worship, prepare fellowship events, or serve on the Council. Volunteers are the builders of our Church community. The Council will work on our budget for 2021 with expenses in the current range of 73,000 PLN. This is the modest budget needed to meet the operational needs of the Church as it functions now. Over the next few Sundays we will be asking you to consider the financial resources you can commit to WIC in the coming year to help us meet this budget, if not exceed it. We are proud of our unique 36-year history and feel that WIC has a lot yet to accomplish in doing God’s work. Please consider prayerfully what you are able to commit to WIC for the year 2021. Every commitment counts. Annual pledges are deeply appreciated.

Please send your pledge form before the end of December via email to:
Thank you for your help in keeping WIC able to share in God’s work. Yours in Christ, Piotr Dypczyński, Church Council Treasurer.”

Dear Friends, your pledges for the next year make it possible for us to plan our budget, so they are very important. Here is the pledge form:

Warsaw International Church
Stewardship Commitment/ Pledge Form

As an expression of my/our love for God and support of His work through the ministry of WIC,
I/we make the following commitment to support the work of the Church.

Currency: PLN / USD / EUR / ____

Amount: ____ for the calendar year 2021

Amount: ___ every: week / month / quarter in 2021

Note to the Treasurer ___

Name: __

Email: __

Phone: ____


Taxpayers may claim credit for their contributions to WIC.
We are registered in the Polish register of churches and religious associations – in position 132. Polish contributions for tax
deductions must be made by bank transfer.

Warsaw International Church
ul. Willowa 1, 00-789 Warszawa
Bank account: PL 63 1090 1056 0000 0000 0600 9128
Santander Bank Polska S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw, al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa

Thank you for all your support and prayers for our church and for one another!

Should you wish to make a contribution to WIC, the church's bank details are as follows:

Warsaw International Church
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
IV/Oddział w Warszawie
ul. Jana Pawła II 17
00-854 Warszawa
Polish złoty (PLN) account: PL 63 1090 1056 0000 0000 0600 9128


Please continue to pray for the Christian Pakistani family currently in Azerbaijan - Kenz, Kelly, Angelica, Paris and Jasper - that they may resolve their financial crisis and also find a country in which they will be granted asylum, should this not be possible in Azerbaijan.

Brother Vahid has applied for asylum in the UK following his persecution in Iran. Please pray for this to be granted.

Brother Gabriele in Sicily has bad news. He, his parents, his sister, his uncle and his grandfather all have COVID-19. Please pray for them all to be healed in their desperate situation.

Brother Bogosi would welcome your prayers that he and his family may be able to fly to Poland after the Christmas holiday.

Please pray for all our Brothers, Sisters and loved ones to be kept safe and healed in this pandemic.

Last but not least, may millions of people all over the world turn to Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of mankind. May we never stop praying for this during this time of spiritual awakening opportunities.

Last Sunday's Christmas message was delivered by Brother David Harris

Readings for 25 December (Christmas Day)

Verse for the week: [The angel said to Joseph:] "He [Jesus] will save His people from their sins" (Matthew 1, 21).

Responsive reading: Isaiah 9, 2-7.
Gospel readings: Matthew 1, 18-25; Luke 1, 46-55; Luke 2, 1-20.
New Testament reading: Titus 3, 4-7.

Readings for 27 December

Verse for the week: [Simeon prayed to God:] "My eyes have seen Your salvation" (Luke 2, 30).

Responsive reading: Psalm 148.
Old Testament reading: Isaiah 62, 1-3.
New Testament reading: Galatians 4, 4-7.
Gospel reading: Luke 2, 22-40.

Food of the Spirit

What will you find this Christmas?

The Christ of Christmas most certainly wants Christians to know His peace. He wants all to have the gift of eternal life.

Everyone is going to die some day. The Bible says, “Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). Everyone who has ever been conceived in his mother’s womb has eternal existence. It is up to each individual to decide just where they are going to spend it. The choice is heaven or hell.

The fact is everyone is going to spend more time on the other side of this life than is spent here. Some will live fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety and maybe even a 100 years on this side. The other side is forever.

Romans 6:23 says, “the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

The Devil is a paymaster and he will make sure you suffer the consequences of sin. Those wages are death, and eternal separation from God. Through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit Christians enjoy the gift of eternal life in heaven.

Christianity is not the stage that someone has reached but always the direction of life that a saved man is heading. Instead of living a life that is bondage to sin, it is a life reaching out to and obtaining righteousness. It is a life fed by the Word of God, Illuminated by the Holy Spirit. A man’s talents, abilities, possessions and Holy Spirit gifts are spent for the glory of God, and not on self and the accumulation of worldly wealth.

Receiving the Gift of God - Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord - offers three wonderful gifts. He clears the Christian’s past, takes care of him in his present state in life, and secures his future here and in eternity.

The Baptist Standard ran the true story of a man whom, I believe, came to understand that Jesus was the only person who could give him the forgiveness he sought, comfort in his most difficult circumstance and determination of where his eternal existence will be.

There was a poor drunkard who awakened one morning in a strange kind of bed. He felt something near him that was warm and soft, which was much different from his usual sleeping place in an alley somewhere. Finally it dawned on him that he was in a stable lying right beside a cow which was also lying in the straw beside him.

He was hungry, but realized that those in the street would be too offended by his low sinful condition to give him any breakfast. Then he heard those familiar Christmas bells that rang every year on Christmas morning. He realized that he had spent Christmas Eve night in a stable.

His thoughts turned to that story of Christ being born in a stable. He thought maybe the Christ who was born in a lowly place could help a poor fellow like himself, for he had heard the story of the birth of Christ and the gospel message before. So right then and there he chose to get down on his knees and invite Jesus into his life and heart. He chose to receive the gift of free forgiveness, a Savior who could understand and minister to him right were he was in life and determine where his eternal existence would be. He found Christ at Christmas.

What will you find this Christmas? Jesus offers forgiveness, empowerment for all of life situations and circumstances. He offers a life of true satisfaction and life spent forever with God the Father, Jesus the Son and a fellowship in the Holy Spirit. What will you find this Christmas?

Terry L. Laughlin

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