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WIC Weekly July 11th 2021

Warsaw International Church

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Our News

We were pleased to welcome Katya from Ukraine to our service last Sunday. Katya is actually a formal member of WIC, but has never been able to attend church before, because she works on Sundays!

This Sunday we will have the last Sunday School before the vacation - our teachers deserve a well-earned break!

Bible Study has also been suspended until September.

Dear Friends, we are planning a big event for next week, which I'd already like to announce. A father and daughter evangelist team from the USA - Ken and Jennifer Campbell - will be in Warsaw from Thursday 15 July to Sunday 18 July. They are musically gifted, preach and have testimonies to share. They plan to do street evangelism in Warsaw from Thursday to Saturday, and will be with us in church on Sunday 18th, where they will be in charge of the major part of the service. PLEASE JOIN US FOR STREET EVANGELISM ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, AND ESPECIALLY ON SATURDAY. PLEASE COME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY 18th OR WORSHIP WITH US ONLINE, AS THIS REALLY PROVES TO BE EXCITING. AND PLEASE PRAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR MANY PEOPLE TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, BOTH ON THE STREET AND IN CHURCH. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, AND ALSO SEEKERS OR UNBELIEVERS. WE PRAY FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BE WITH US IN POWER DURING THEIR STAY.

This coming Sunday, there will unfortunately be no online worship or recording on YouTube, because we have no technical staff available. The same situation will occur in three weeks' time (25 July). However, online livestream worship will be provided for our evangelism service in two weeks (18 July).

For those who will be with us in church, please observe the usual sanitary regulations, and stay at home if you feel unwell. In church, you'll have your temperature taken, be able to sanitize your hands, and you must always wear a mask over your nose and mouth. You'll also be asked to sign an attendance sheet if you're not a regular worshipper. Please get to church in plenty of time before the service starts. Practise social distancing and avoid shaking hands.

Recordings of our Sunday services are generally available on our website or by googling "Warsaw International Church YouTube".

A prayer group meets on Saturdays between 8 and 9 pm CET. Anybody in need of prayer or requesting prayer for others is very welcome. You can also pray in any language, so feel free to take part in these online meetings - the Zoom link is: Prayer Meeting Meeting ID: 847 9391 7308

Thank you for your continuing support and prayers for our church and for one another. WIC is entirely self-supporting: without your contributions we cannot operate as a church, and now that we are back in our church building our expenses have increased considerably.

Should you wish to make a contribution to WIC, our church's bank details are as follows:

Warsaw International Church
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
IV/Oddział w Warszawie
ul. Jana Pawła II 17
00-854 Warszawa
Polish złoty (PLN) account: PL 63 1090 1056 0000 0000 0600 9128


We pray this week particularly for our planned evangelism event next week (see above), for Ken and Jennifer to come to Warsaw safely, for many people to hear and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ's salvation of mankind by the sacrifice of His precious blood, and for a spirit of revival in our church.

We pray also for all those we know who are sick and suffering in any way, that the Lord may bring spiritual, physical and mental healing to them by His grace.

Let us continue to pray that the pandemic and its consequences may cause increasing numbers of people to turn to Jesus in their need.

We ourselves need to pray for revival within us.

Last Sunday's sermon was preached by Pastor Harry:

Imagine there’s a person you know who is drawing closer to God – maybe there is even such a person in church today. They want to find out more, so perhaps you give them a New Testament or even the whole Bible as a present. And you tell them that God is full of love and forgiveness.

But when they start reading, they might also start having doubts. For instance, if God is a God of love, why does He often tell the Israelites to kill everybody in the cities they capture? If He is a God of justice, why is there so much evil in the world? – and why do good people suffer? And when they read Jesus’ teachings, they are just as confused. For example, in today’s reading: everyone who leaves their home and family for Jesus’ sake will be blessed with eternal life. So if you don’t leave your loved ones, you won’t have eternal life? And Jesus also said: “If you don’t hate your loved ones, and even yourself, you can’t be My disciple”. So because I love my loved ones and myself, I can’t be a follower of Jesus? Very often, our seeker friend will then say: “Sorry. Christianity is not for me!” In fact, someone summed it up very nicely to me a couple of weeks ago. He said: “Many other religions, and also atheism and agnosticism, are quite tolerant towards Christianity. But Christianity itself isn’t tolerant – and it therefore creates a conflict of interests”. And he’s right! It’s either Jesus, or nobody. If you want to be His disciple, the Bible says He must come before even your family! But that’s because Christianity is about a love relationship with the Lord, which goes deeper than your other love relationships.

As we Christians should know, what Jesus says is not always to be taken literally. When He tells you to pluck your eyes out, or chop off your right hand, or turn your cheek for somebody to slap, or hate and leave your loved ones, He doesn’t mean actually do this! He is speaking figuratively. He’s saying that God must have absolute priority in our lives. Jesus must have priority, because He is God in person – the only visible God that mankind ever knew. So cultivating our relationship with Jesus must be the most important thing we do. And sadly, this is where we all fall down – because again and again, we fail to put Him first.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”, says Jesus. You know, that’s a very revolutionary statement! It’s revolutionary, because we act in exactly the opposite way – even if we’re spiritually minded! We say: “Lord, I have to live; I have to make so much money; I have to make my own decisions; I need clothes to wear, and food to eat”. So what is the great concern of our lives? It’s not the Kingdom of God at all! The great concern of our lives is how we are going to live successfully. But Jesus reverses this order: He turns it upside down. He says: “Get properly related to Me first! Make Me the great concern of your life! And never put your major concern on the other things”.

You know, very often we Christians pray and pray about something that’s very important to us – a new job, perhaps; or a new country; or a new partner to be with – and we don’t get an answer from God! We are puzzled by this, because we think we have put God first. But have we, really? I’ve noticed, for example, that people sometimes want to come to Poland, hoping to stay here – and quite often this doesn’t work out for them, even though they’ve prayed about it a lot, and even fasted. Some of them come here, their plans don’t work out, and they have to return home, sometimes having wasted a lot of money. And I find myself thinking – though I wouldn’t like to say it – did the Lord really bring you here in the first place? Or was it just your plan? Because if the Lord wants us in a particular place, He will provide for us.

You see, there’s a big difference between what you want to do, and what God wants you to do – although, of course, they are sometimes one and the same. Sometimes we make a big decision in life – and then we expect God to bless it: like in a marriage, perhaps, or travelling to another country, or changing jobs. But God doesn’t bless it, because it wasn’t His Will in the first place. We often fail to put God first, when we make such a decision: we actually put ourselves first. It’s a conflict of interests. The Lord must take priority in all our big decisions.

So this leads us to the interesting question: how do we know what God wants us to do? I think there are three things we can do. The first one is to pray a lot before you make a big decision, not after it! That’s very important, because many people don’t really start praying until they’ve already acted on their decision, and things start to go wrong. My wife and I had to make a really big decision 35 years ago – whether to emigrate to Poland or not. We both prayed for God’s guidance really sincerely – and God gave His answer, because He removed my reluctance to move to Poland. And 35 years later, we’re still here, and I’ve no desire to move anywhere else – I know I’m exactly where God wants me to be.

The second thing we can do is to study God’s word in the Bible and follow its guidance. It’s amazing how many Christians don’t do that! They know what the Bible says, but they choose to ignore its teachings. As a result, they might end up with the wrong friends, for example, or in the wrong relationship. Be very serious about studying, believing and obeying what Jesus said – because God is speaking to you through Him.

The third thing we can do is to wait patiently for God’s answer. Sometimes He keeps us waiting a really long time – He has His own reasons for doing so. But so often we are not prepared to wait – and we end up making the wrong decision.

And fourthly, remember that if you still don’t know what God wants for you, and you carry out your own decision or plan, God will make it clear to you if it’s been the wrong one. Maybe He even allows this to happen, to teach you something: more humility, perhaps, or experience and wisdom which you can later use to help someone else. If you end up with the wrong decision, it doesn’t mean everything’s lost – but it may cost you something!

Brothers and Sisters, is there anything in your life right now, which is interfering with your priority surrender to Jesus Christ and your service to Him? Your ambition, perhaps? Your pleasures and habits? Your friendships? Maybe your money, or your own plans? Because if we want to be Christ’s disciples, we need to have a passionate love for Him, so that we will naturally put Him first all the time. Only God can give us that love.

As Christians, we should know that all our hope is in Jesus; and therefore we have to love Him deeply – He died for us on the cross. We must make Jesus our Lover our number one priority all the time – and if we’re not doing this, we should ask God to give us a great personal love for Him, which is deeper than any other love. May He grant us the insight to see that He must be our number one – not others, or we ourselves. In any conflict of interests, always choose the Lord first. Amen.

Readings for 11 July

Verse for the week: "Come, follow Me", Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men" (Mark 1, 17).

Psalm: 96.
Old Testament reading: Joshua 5, 13 - 6, 5. 20. 24-25.
New Testament reading: Mark 1, 14-20.

Food of the Spirit

Our Highest Privilege And First Priority

Masses and masses of humanity are marching on to eternity without a knowledge of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we Christians become calloused by a continual flow of crises, catastrophes and calls for help. However, we must move out of our circle of sameness and out of the valley of inertia. Truly this is a time to mobilize our money and manpower to reach a lost world that is going into eternity without Christ. Let us do our utmost to share Christ, the light of the world, to this sin-benighted generation.

The missionary problem is really a personal problem. It is the problem of the heart. How long will Christ seek in vain for channels through whom He can save the lost? How long will we refuse to place ourselves at His full disposal? How long will we be content to be selfish and unconcerned about a perishing world? How few there are today who renounce their self-interest, ease and worldly conveniences in favor of world evangelism.

May God help us to humble ourselves and confess our indifference to the task nearest the heart of God. Friends, it is time that we put missions in its proper perspective. The lack of missionary vision is often the result of too many people having lost their first love. Too many have lost their vision of a perishing world. It is time for us to recognize that we have fallen short of God’s ideals. It is time for us to take the Great Commission seriously.

Christ is asking Christians today, "Lovest thou Me?" It is not enough to glibly say, "Lord, You know I love you." We must prove our love by obedience to His long-neglected command. Truly, world evangelism in this generation is our primary obligation. It is our highest privilege and first priority. May God fire our hearts with new dedication; new devotion, and new zeal to His call and commission. Indeed, it is time for each of us to make the missionary call a personal priority. You, my friend, are the key to world evangelization. It is time that each of us cheerfully choose to obey and completely comply with Christ’s Great Commission. Otherwise, how can we have a clear conscience before God?

We missionaries have mourned the lack of missionary interest again and again. I have visited church after church where I have seen no visible evidence of missionary interest; no map on the wall to tell us where their missionaries are serving. Pictures of missionaries they support are conspicuously absent or sadder still, they do not support any missionaries. You can go to service after service where there is no prayer uttered for the cause of missions.

Never will I forget when I was ordained as a young preacher. The president of our seminary, who had been a missionary to India for many years, officiated at my ordination and preached for me in my little church. On our way back to Chicago, I asked this man of God if he had any advice for me as a young preacher.

He said, "Yes, Brother Jarvis, I do. My wife and I have been with you for these several days, have seen you in the pulpit, and heard you pray. We have watched you in many situations, but we haven’t once heard you say a thing about the need of world missions." And it was true, my friends. It was years later that God touched our hearts and revealed to us that the mission of the church is missions.

Oh, friends, we must be vitally interested in Christ’s worldwide redemptive work. Only repentance and revival will produce the radical change necessary in our missionary outlook. If our church is weak, then the best remedy is to put it on a missionary diet. I fully believe that if the Church were right with God and full of the Holy Spirit, that within twenty years this whole world would be evangelized!

Let’s thank God for all that has been done, but we could do far more if we were to take to heart the clarion call of the Great Commission: "And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen" (Matt. 28:18-20).

May God give us more Christians with devotion and Christlike passion and a vision to win the world for the Saviour!

Fred D. Jarvis

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