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WIC Weekly June 28th 2020

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Our news

Last Sunday’s Fathers’/Husband’s/Men’s Day online service was conducted by our menfolk, with Brother Sam preaching the sermon on the heart of the Father.

A Church Council meeting was held this Wednesday to discuss, among other things, the prospects of returning to normal Sunday worship in church. It was decided, for everyone's safety, to continue exclusively with online worship throughout July and also on 2 August. A further Church Council meeting will be held on 29 July to re-assess the situation.

Join us for this Sunday’s live online service on Zoom at 11 am CET by clicking: Warsaw International Church - Weekly Zoom Service (Sundays @11:00 am) Time: Sundays @ 11:00 AM Warsaw Meeting ID: 375 882 822

Recordings of our Sunday services are available on our website.

This Thursday you are invited to our Bible study. The text will be Matthew chapter 7, 15-29. The Zoom link for the Bible study, at 6 pm CET, is: Warsaw International Church - Bible Study (every other Thursday @ 6:00 pm) Time: May 14, 2020 06:00 PM Meeting ID: 416 626 997

Prayer requests

Please pray for Wouter, a young Dutch Christian diagnosed with several brain tumours. He will be operated on this Wednesday, to be followed by therapy. Pray that the operation and therapy will be successful, and that he may be totally healed.

Please also pray for our Church Council meeting this Wednesday evening, that the Lord may guide us to make the right decisions regarding our worship in future weeks.

Poland is holding the first round of presidential elections this Sunday (the elections were initially due to be held on 10 May, but had to be postponed because of the pandemic). We pray that Poles may vote for a wise president for these difficult days of pandemic and economic crisis. May they also elect someone who is tolerant and sensitive to the needs of the minorities living in this country.  

Last Sunday’s sermon

The Father’s Day sermon was preached by Sam Singh. His theme was our Father’s heart of love towards us, His unworthy children, whom He graciously saved from sin by His great mercy manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

This Sunday’s readings

28 June is the 4th Sunday after Pentecost.

Verse for the week: "Then Isaac spoke to his father Abraham and said, “My father.” And he replied, “Here I am, my son.” Isaac said, “The fire and the wood are here; but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” (Genesis 22, 7).

Psalm: 13. Old Testament reading: Genesis 22, 1-18. 1st New Testament reading: Romans 10, 1-4. 2nd New Testament reading: Hebrews 9, 26.

Food of the Spirit      

Godly Fathers – The Ultimate Strategy For Winning Families And The Nation To Christ!

Christians have long strategized about the most effective ways to reach this lost nation for God. We have methods, plans, programs, conferences and consultations... and yet, our culture is rapidly sinking into the pit of hell. Instead of being a nation that is blessed because our God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12), we are becoming a nation that is in grave danger of being cursed for turning our backs upon Him. The fault does not lie with those whose eyes are blinded. It lies with the quiet, complacent Church of Jesus Christ that does not reflect the face of Christ to the culture!

We, as Christians, have an important solution for this dilemma, if we will wake up enough to act. The answer comes from the most logical source – God Himself! Instead of focusing all of our energy upon plans and programs or the newest methods of evangelism…perhaps we need to focus on an area much closer to home. When we invite someone to accept Jesus Christ, we make an assumption that he or she will be able to relate to God as Father. Many people in this nation will take issue with or struggle with this very relationship by virtue of never having a solid, nurturing relationship with a father. Perhaps they have never even had any kind of example of what a godly father is.

According to David Blankenhorn in his book, Fatherless America, fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. He reports that four of ten children currently live in fatherless homes. How can we expect people to readily accept God as a loving heavenly Father when their existing reality teaches them that fathers are not loving or nurturing?

Christian fathers must rise up and meet this daunting challenge! Fathers, are you following the Word of the Lord by being obedient to His commands? Are you aware of how much God says to you about your role as the head of your home? Do you know how to treat your wife and your children in such a way that they see the face of Christ and experience His presence within your household? Your primary mission field is your family…and your secondary mission field lies beyond the walls of your home. If what happens in your home does not match what you share with lost people, your witness is lost.

David Geisler, in an article entitled The World Needs Fathers! (Global Prayer Digest, June 2000) agrees: "This kind of self-sacrifice for the sake of the family usually doesn’t happen in a society when men put themselves first and go with ‘gusto’ for all the material possessions they can get. Only with the example of Jesus and in the power of His Spirit can we find the model of self-sacrifice that it takes for men to be good husbands and fathers." Unless Christians return to their roots of strong homes with men functioning as spiritual fathers and leaders, Christians will lose their ability to show the world the more excellent way that Jesus has to offer them.

When fathers will read, study, and obey the instructions and commands given to them by the Lord, we will see the lost coming to Christ in droves! When unsaved people can find the answers to the questions they are asking and see the joy and fulfillment that only Jesus can offer, they will yield themselves to Him. Fathers, by hindering your own spiritual growth, you are damaging your marriage, your children, and your witness to a lost culture. Do not let another day go by without resolving to do what Christ has so clearly commanded you to do. When you stand before Him all alone on the day of judgment, He will not care what job you had, or how much work you did for the church. He will want an accounting of your family and your obedience to His Word. How can we successfully complete the Great Commission when we make such a weak attempt to deliver our own Christian households into the hands of Jesus?

Fathers, determine with great resolve to do the Word of the Lord – first in your own life – and then within your marriage and your family. Be sure to do everything in the power and strength of the Lord and not in your own flesh. When you are walking in obedience in these areas, He will entrust you to reach the lost – and you will have great effectiveness because your witness will be powerful and strong!

Kim Butts

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